Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vigini Studios Artist of the Month January 09

Artist of the Month
Opening your mind and Raising the Bar High
Standards for me are very serious. When I walk into a home or business, I feel a priviledge to be there as an artist. Having said that there is a very real humbleness and respect for knowing exactly where I am, whether it be 2000 square feet or 13,000 square feet structure you are in their castle, their safehaven, their domain. You are welcomed there by the client and they listen and hang on to your every word. They rely on you and trust that you are listening to them and what they are exactly looking for in painted decoration. While listening I am scanning color everywhere, fabric, floors, granite and their unique style. After you have established open communication the work begins. Before I started my business in 2003, I would do things for friends and family to help them design something really cool in their homes, just to have something to do. I kept hearing Wow, girl that is good. Still not getting it, I knew I needed something more as a woman and mom of three. Asking myself, just how far can I go with this? After doing extensive research on artist, teachers, instructors and just art in general I ran across a man. Not just any man, this man had been doing this since a young boy and he was good, I mean really, really good. So I booked an appointment with him and set out for San Antonio, and there he was. Nicoli Vigini. I hung on his every word, sat for a week absorbing, listening, and observing him and walked away in complete astoundment. I came back home to Tennessee and worked on a plan and put it into play. I completely love what I do. Meeting new people, the challenge, the workout, and the result. When you are contacted by a client you know with no hesitation that they are looking for something unique and different. At that point I open my mind and raise the bar high, in an effort to produce complete satisfaction for the client as well as myself. My work extends from Tennessee to Mississippi, Florida, and Arkansas. My job - interact with my client, listen and create a comfortable setting and atmosphere so that both minds are open. Afterwards, the hope is to walk away with a hand shake, a very happy client and a possible referral.
Contact Information:
Kathy Canerdy Tuesday's Room Decorative Painting 901-233-9068

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